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Printing reports in colour or black & white

Colour Digital

With the installation of our ImagePress IP7010, and the upgrade of our existing IP7000 to IP7010 specifications, we have doubled our production capacity whilst improving print quality - a win / win for our customers!

Our remarkable ImagePress IP7010 digital colour offset presses incorporate the next generation in colour digital printing technology that redefines expectations of image quality, productivity and versatility.

Color On Demand's IP7010 can produce everything from high quality business documents to folded and stapled A4 booklets all in stunning colour and with all the advantages of the digital workflow.

We can also help with graphic design and artwork layout, ensuring a quality, professional product.
Super fast turn around times get your digital colour printing ready sooner


Color On Demand offers a comprehensive range of document finishing solutions, ensuring your print work is completed quickly and professionally.

These include:
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