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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my images printing blurry and pixelated?

The most common problem is when photos and text appear blurry and pixelated. This usually occurs when clients use images downloaded from the internet. While the image may look okay on your computer screen, its important to remember that resolution is 72dpi (dots per inch) which is only suitable for viewing.

A print resolution of 300dpi is required to achieve a good image quality.

What is bleed?

Bleed is very important. Bleed is the term used to describe the objects overlapping the border of your document, whether they are blocks of colour or photography. By setting your file up with 3mm bleed around all edges, you end up supplying the printer with a document slightly larger than the final cropped document.

By doing this you allow some room for error during trimming and the finished product looks perfect every time.

What colour format is best for print?

Most screen images are formatted to RGB (red, green and blue) because they translate better when viewed on screen. However, when used to print, they do not interpret properly. Digital print uses a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) colour system.

By converting your images from RGB to CMYK your screen images will look closer to the final printed image.